HYPONAR for EXAKTA: from Treasure Collection by RedRocks
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Mr. Seton Rochwite American master stereo photographer and designer, Mr. Seton Rochwite, holding a hyponar-exaktar he designed and created (Image Credit (c)1999, RedRocks). The lens is currently in the treasure colleciton of RedRocks. Mr. Rochwite is also the designer of the famour Realist series of stereo cameras.

HYPONAR is an extremely rare lens. In a personal interview with Mr. Rochwite by RedRocks, Mr Rochwite stated that he has created a total of 74 of them for clients and one for himself. Each of the creation is recorded in his log-book. Thus, the grand total number of hyponars on the earth is 75. The lens is by no means a mass production. They were created in his own workshop by himself per order. The last one he produced was in 1970s. Currently existing/functioning number of this lens is unknown.

Mr. Rochwite was very kind to sign the original manual for the lens, some 40 years after its creation. I also photographed him holding the lens mounted on its matching Exaktar camera, and videotapled the interview. It was fascinating to listen to the very charming gentleman lecturing about the stereo photography history.

Hyponar is a fixed focal lens. The lens is pre-focused at 12 inch. Any variation of focusing distance has to be achieved by adding PLUS (closeup) or MINUS (distance) accessory lenses. One can use standard thread accessory lens or adatpors to use series 7 lenses.

Extreme caution has to be exercised to mount or remove this lens. The shutter HAS TO BE RELEASED before any of the procedures should be attempted, or you can kiss goodbye to your 4 figure USD worth investment/treasure.

To my knowledge, the last 3 lenses changed hands either privately or on ebay were all in 4 digit US dollar amount, with the last transcation summed up a grand 2250 USD, a treasure, indeed.

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